Nationwideworker.com enables workers and employers to quickly locate opportunities to fill temporary, short-term and even long-term staffing positions.

There are two basic worker categories that employers need to be aware of.

  1. Nationwideworker.com Certified Worker: These workers have been checked by our staff and approved for our certification.  This certification is relevant to the worker’s profile skills or service offers.  No certified worker is allowed to offer a service or to accept a job for which they are not certified to do.

In this way, employers can be assured of the quality and ability of the worker to complete the task within expected standards of service, professionalism and time.  If quality is your main requirement, then choose only NationwideWorker.com Certified Workers.

2. NationwideWorker.com Regular Users: These users are members of our site who may offer high quality and professional work but have chosen not to become a certified worker with us.  As an employer, you will need to be extra certain that interested applicants possess the degree of skill and expertise you require for the job and that you are comfortable with them in handling your request.  For many regular type of needs, our broad user base is more than adequate to do the job, however, in cases that require a bit more care (baby sitter, financial, legal and highly sensitive categories) you will need to consider only NationwideWorker.com Certified Workers.

What’s Involved In The Certification Process?
The certification process depends on the type of skills the worker is offering to this marketplace.  In most cases the applicant will need to submit to background checks, interviews, testing, assessments, trials, training, workshops and thorough evaluations before receiving our certification. Once they are awarded our certification, you will know that this applicant has been through a string of challenges and has proven their ability to fulfill your job to your satisfaction.

Certification also requires the payment of fees to cover training, background checks and other costs associated with vetting the candidate adequately.  Only serious workers will go through this process in order to achieve this distinction with NationwideWorker.com – so you know that certified workers here at NationwideWorker.com are indeed top of the line.

Posting Fees:
We have a very modest posting fee on our site in order to ensure both employer and worker that each party is ready and able to commit to a work for compensation agreement.

We hope that you find the help you’re looking for or the work engagements you seek through NationwideWorker.com.